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The short master in Technology Industry Journalism & Communication is targeted at all those who are interested in learning the basics of modern online journalism and social media based communication. The course originates from two primary needs:

1. Providing accurate and captivating information to all those professionals and enthusiasts in the world of modern, personalized and on demand digital fabrication and industrial manufacturing.

2. Providing qualitative content to support large companies and startup firms that operate in the advanced manufacturing and personalized manufacturing industries.

This rapidly evolving segment is now requiring accurate and in depth technical and analytical capabilities along with the ability to leverage dozens of online tools to increment the reach of quality editorial, advertorial and general communication content. The theory segment of this course does not require any previous digital journalism experience and will seek to however the practical segment requires an excellent familiarity with the English language both written and spoken, since all the course will be given in English. The goal of this short master is to form online journalists who are able to create and build their own online media and/or submit qualitative content as paid collaborators to major international media. The course will also focus on forming communication professionals who can support companies’ activities both internally and as external collaborators, through in depth knowledge of both digital manufacturing technologies and digital communication tools. Possible work opportunities include the marketing & communication sector, social media management, online editorial outlets, media production structures, freelance/external collaboration with international media outlets.

Important information: The Short Master requires an excellent familiarity with the English language both written and spoken, since the course will be given in English and Italian.

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