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Davide Sher – Technology industry Journalist & analyst

Davide was born in Milan, Italy. Grew up in Italy and lived 12 years in the United States, where he received his BA from SUNY Stony Brook. He is now based primarily in Milan and is a technology industry journalist, analyst and consultant.

As Senior Analyst at US-based SmarTech Markets Publishing, he has conducted several in depth studies on specific verticals of the Additive Manufacturing industry, including specific segment applications (aerospace, jewelry, medical), materials (composites, ceramics) and manufacturing technology evolutions. He has built an extensive experience as a technology journalist and communication consultant, writing for several international technology industry publications.

He co-founded 3D Printing Business Media, a London based media company which runs three online editorial properties and offers communications services to both startups and established firms operating in the digital/additive manufacturing segment. 3D Printing Business Media runs the 3D Printing Business Directory, 3D Printing Media Network and Il Replicatore websites, leading online resources for professionals operating in the additive manufacturing industry both internationally and in Italy.

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